As a business owner, it is important to establish a good working environment and encourage interaction between your employees to boost morale within the company. Starting a book club for your employees is an easy way to get your employees engaged with one another and add some fun to the workday. Choosing historical novels about business for your theme is a great way to get your book club off to an inspiring and educational start.

Get your employees involved

Get your employees involved in determining which day your company book club should meet by taking a brief survey to see which day and time suits them best. Many book clubs find meeting once a month is easiest, as it gives members adequate time to complete their book. If desired, you may meet online rather than in-person to practice social distancing measures if necessary.

Choose a place to hold meetings

If you decide to host in-person meetings for your book club, a conference room at your place of business may be a good option, especially if you decide to hold your meeting immediately after work one day per month. However, your employees may prefer to meet in a non-work environment, such as a local coffee shop or pub to socialize and discuss the latest book of the month.

Get the word out

Post flyers throughout your office to get potential members excited about joining your company book club. It can be helpful to post a picture of the historical novels about business you will be reading in the coming year. Seeing all the interesting titles may encourage people to join in and get involved.

Select and order books in advance

Once you have your list of employees who are on board with the book club, let the members have a say in which historical business novel you will read for your first selection. Have a drawing to select each remaining book and take note of which month you will be reading each novel. This will give you adequate time to order new books prior to each monthly meeting.

With all the great historical novels on the market relating to business, you will have plenty of books to choose from each month when you make historical business novels the theme for the first year of your business book club. Your employees will have fun reading about business adventures from the past and sharing their unique insights about each novel they complete. Contact a book supplier for more information regarding historical novels about business.